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St. Evil’s Shameless Halloween Linkie Treats!

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Hey folks, it has been a while since I’ve posted– too long, in fact. I’ve been busy with things, some of which I will post here.

Every Halloween, I shamelessly promote myself on my blog, offering links to spooky things I’ve written or am/were a part of. Anyhow, let’s get to it, shall we?


First, let me link to recent Nerd Titan stuffery in the spirit of the season. I’m Managing Editor over there, which means I get to do a lot of fun activities, one of them is working with frighteningly talented people and all kinds of other cool shit.

Nerd Titan’s 2013 Guide to Halloween Movies
This one I put together with Brendan, another writer with NT, and we had some other contributors. Overall, I like how it turned out, seeing as most lists are either a) same ol’ movies, or b) try to outdo the other lists. We just went with what we liked.

A Grimdark RPG Goodie Bag
I asked nine of my friends to join me in writing up what we thought were good suggestions for tabletop role-play gaming. This was actually a lot more work that I had initially intended, but I am quite pleased with the results.

Hell Comes to Nerd Titantown: An Interview with Rafael Chandler
While I am a professional at what I do and all that acid jazz, I’m still a big fan of those who impress me. Mr. Chandler is one of those people, with me loving his horror gaming output so far. This is my Halloween interview with him.

And now for the usual linking to one of the favorite comics I’ve written, The Secret Cross: Humanity in the Execution. It’s 12 pages and a quick read, but I greatly enjoyed coming up with it and working on it with Stephen Lindsay and Dominic Vivona. By the way, Dom’s art is always impressive. Now, I have always meant to do more with this. I had an entire RPG mapped out, but all of that information is on an old hard drive I need to get around to extracting. Or maybe I’ll just start from scratch. I do have a lot of ideas for that sucker. I say it every year, you know. Maybe this year ’round it will be different?


The Secret Cross is about a special German unit in World War One that gets into all kinds of hot, bloody messes. Read more on it here.

Next up are all the creepy stories I have written lately. They’re all mercilessly short and, some say, downright freaky. That’s what I like to hear!

The Writing

Here’s a piece of art my partner in life-crime, Nicole, did for this game thing I’m slowly working on…


And I’m sure I could flog more things, but this should do for now. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

All art is by Dominic Vivona, Dominic Vivona with Jeff Balke on colors, and Nicole Turner, respectively from top to bottom.


Happy Halloween! Here’s my Weird War comic for you…

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Happy Halloween, folks! I would like to present to you the very thing I showed people two years ago on Halloween: the 12-page Secret Cross story, “Humanity in the Execution“.

The Secret Cross is a special German unit in World War One, hunting down weird beasts, demon things, strange cults and stuff like that. Think Ghostbusters with bayonets. Originally, the whole thing spawned out of an idea for another project with incredibly talented and driven creator Stephen Lindsay. Somehow, Secret Cross was born; and badass, ass-handing artist Dominic Vivona is partly to blame for this final incarnation, as well. What you see is a culmination of our wonderfully deviated idea-factory. We worked pretty hard to have this strip see the light of day. Anyways, Dominic nailed the art on “Humanity in the Execution“. I really do hope you enjoy this short, which has appeared online and in the UK anthology FTL (massive thanks to Ian Sharman, by the way). I really, really hope you enjoy the twist.

I like twists.

Clicky clicky on ze image you see directly below…

Stephen did a a nail-biting creeper of a 5-pager with another artist, called “Höllenhaus” (which you can read here).

I’m always a bit saddened that this project didn’t fully work out in to an ongoing series. Too much time passed, life got in the way, and everyone moved on. Stephen and Dominic are great guys and working with them was a real treat. If you see their names on anything, buy it (like, say, Jesus Hates Zombies or Gunplay) . It’s totally worth it.

Nowadays, I’m attempting to carry on the Secret Cross flame, playing around with the idea of doing new installments… I’ve even written a Secret Cross short story and have ran a few Secret Cross role-playing sessions using the GORE system. At conventions, in fact. Maybe I can get my buddy and fantastic artist Myke Allen to do the illustration on another comic short. Maybe. I’m already throwing a million projects at that poor, sexy bastard.

In the meantime, enjoy the comic and let me know what you think. No, REALLY! Sound off, troops.

Oh! And if you wanted to pick up FTL, where short strips of Salvus and Sorgon: A Matter of Darkness (other comics I collaborated on with awesomel people) also appeared, along with Secret Cross, you can buy it in full colour electronic format or, if you prefer, in black and white hardcopy… and there’s even FTL: Year One, which compiles everything from the first year of FTL issues. Honestly, it’s a great anthology series chock full of amazing talent. Check it out here.

Until next time, keep your feet dry, mind the rats, and never stop being wary of the snipers.

Update: I completely neglected to mention the incredible job Jeff Balke did on colours for Secret Cross. Sorry, Jeff! Rectifying that now.