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My Life as a Nerd Super Model

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This is nothing more than filler I find to be funny. Pictures lately of me being a nerd. Well, to be fair, I’m always a nerd or geek or dork or whatever amateur pedant pundits are calling it these days. These here photos are all of me, resident super model modeler, taken last night in an epic, 1-tequila drink fueled photo shoot that my partner and I did between minis painting jags and a Justified binge. The last picture was taken whilst on a birthday bender with her… I remember none of it, except all of it (because gluten-free cake can only erase the day so much, you know?).

Oh, and I found a copy of Hoghead’s Realms of Sorcery for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition for $7.99.  That’s what kicked all of this off… I almost freaked out right there at the bookstore.


New score face. Found this on the cheap. Book, too.


Serious picture is serious.


Just LOOK AT IT. Yesss….


It tastes good, too; you know, like warpstone.


Tee-hee! We have a secret!


Dude, this is my bro, Realms of Chaos! Bro!
Realms of Sorcery. Whatever. BODY SHOTS!



Sharing a classy joke with my new friend.


Thinking about the true meaning of life and the government shutdown.


We’re watching you.
Killroy Bloodgod was here.


Even 2000 AD needs supermodels like me.

Isn’t self-indulgence grand?

All photos courtesy of Nicole Turner