WTF is this Goddamned Thing About?

My Name is Steven G. Saunders, an American ex-pat currently residing in Canada, and I’m a pleasantly caustic guy who is lucky enough that people pay me to write and edit things. This blog you see here is concerning my book-(or something)-in-progress “Depressalin: Bitter Notes and Saving Throes from a Charming Thirty-Nothing“.

As you can no doubt tell, I love long titles. So I just call it “Depressalin” for short. This book and blog is about my life and all the crazy shit that transpires, has transpired and most probably will transpire.

And now all I can think of is the fucking word “transpire”. Goddamnnit.

I’m updating this to point out that I’ll treat my blog more like a, well, blog, and have posts that aren’t chapters from my book. Of course, I feel like a giant pair of dirty pants for even saying “my book”. Who knows if I’ll ever complete it. But hey, if there’s enough blog posts and “chapters”, I can compile them into something and make some decent taco money.

Actually, now that some time has passed, I have decided that a book of my life is kinda dumb. What I would want to read, speaking for myself on the subject of myself, is a collection of essays, observations, and thoughts. So, in short, I am currently in the process of turning this sucker into an “essay blog”. Besides, all my Facebook friends are getting tired of me posting huge posts about things, and my partner is sick of me ranting.


I like taco money.

I also like booze money.

Give me money.

(Or tacos and/or booze.)

But yeah, money is just one way of showing you like what you read. Think of it as entertaining panhandling. I’ve often wished I received spare change for the way I deal with the nastier of the panhandlers, you know? If you feel like chucking a quarter or two in my direction, you can do it through here, or better yet, here’s a PayPal link.

If you feel like looking me up on Facebook.

Or maybe ze Twitter.

Or just shoot me an email:


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