Getting All Extroverted About Being Introverts

It is around 12:30am as I write this. I played some Sniper Elite v2: Nazi Zombie Army, and after getting a bit frustrated with blasting away those stupid protecto-skulls the Occult General has flying around him in the Cathedral level, I decided to read through some Facebook posts.

“Oh,” I murmur, trying to not wake my partner (though my typing certainly will). I noticed this post linked from HuffPo. Now, I hate giving HuffPo hits; and it makes me feel better when I say that before I give them more hits. But it’s the latest trend online social media, kids. It’s all over the Buzzfeedings, and the Twitterverse, and the Facebookings. It’s probably made it’s way to G+ by now, too.

Maybe not. Google+ is a sad wasteland populated mainly by weird artists and tabletop gamer nerds.

Anyways, I post “Have you ever noticed about how extroverted everyone is about being introverted?” to my Facebook wall-thing. Because, you know, this whole introvert craze is starting to go fever pitch. Everyone is an introvert– WHO KNEW? And there is also the requisite “You know you’re an extrovert when BLARG BLARG” stuff, too, because, you know, contrarianism. It’s all part of some alien plan, probably.

Pictured: Terrifying alien plan

Pictured: Terrifying alien plan

Why is being an introvert so popular these days? If internet denizens are to be believed, nearly all of us living in this cyberpunk future (we dare not call cyberpunk) are goddamned introverts. Those of us who do not pick up and bear the ironically loud standard of Introvertia proclaim allegiance to Extrovertistan. One or the other; pick a side, you motherlicking drokkface.

Now, it’s easy to say this is all in good fun. Hey, I like fun! Who doesn’t? If you don’t like fun, you should be killed. Because fun is FUN. It’s all like the heady, early days of Livejournal and everyone passing quizzes around. Who remembers those? I loved the “Which Genocidal Maniac Are You?” one where my result was “Henry Kissinger”. Oh, the laughs that were had!

Maybe people have no problem telling everyone they’re introverted because they mean “Meatspace Introverted”. They are shy and quiet and contemplative, and parties are always hijacked by those fucking ADHD sociopathic attention whores… who often go home and feel lonely… but they don’t matter– because INTROVERTS RULE, that’s why.

It sounds as if I dislike introverts. I don’t; have no fear. I love one actual introvert very, very much, actually. Thing is, I feel everyone is varying degrees of introvert/extrovert, depending on mood and circumstance. People describe me as a massive extrovert, but I rarely go out and participate in shared events with live humans, making happy meat sounds whilst draining meat-happy-making libations down my Primary Frontal Meathole. I just don’t do much with people these days. The majority of my social time is spent online and with the wonderful company of miniatures.

(Holy crap, that last bit sounds creepy.)

What fascinates me is the sudden social trend of the Celebration of the Introvert. No one really cared before, because if it was brought up, I assume most people would feel “they want to be left alone”.  I don’t know if I have an opinion on this subject. Just glib, loquacious, semi-witty observations.

If you feel like commenting, what do you think?


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