Update– Complete with Flowchart!

Actually, this isn’t much of an update. But I do hope to update soon. In the meantime, I do have a nerdy blog called Diary of a Grognerd some of you may enjoy.

Also, in the meantime, enjoy the following flowchart. See, my girlfriend and I were at the store earlier and she asked/said “Is this Depeche Mode? This is Dep– no, it’s Erasure”. which inspired perhaps the first flowchart I have ever done on a computer.


Click on that huge sucker to read it in full.

And just for the record, I love all the bands mentioned… Except for Nickelback, of course. And I truly adore my gay friends (please don’t kill me too hard). 🙂

I’ll be back to posting some cynical nonsense for y’all to enjoy soon, I promise.



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