You are invited to The Uninvited

One of my jobs is writing for and editing a digital-based horror magazine that’s been in development (as well as working on other things for the company). And, finally, issue #1 of THE UNINVITED MAGAZINE has launched for the iPad. Don’t worry Android users– that version should be down the pike at some point.

Anywayhow, working on THE UNINVITED has been mostly fun with about 15% frustration. It’s good frustration, though, as I’ve never been a primary editor on a magazine before. This one required my skills for both prose and sequential art (that’s “comics” to most of us). So, in the spirit of the launch of THE UNINVITED, I’ve decided to post the cover art for the mag and each story, and I’m throwing in a random page for each one… exclusive to this blog.

I think.

Let’s get started…

Be sure to click on the images for ze larger picture size.

Nice cover, eh? Steve Sprayson did a nice, simple job for our launch issue. It gives that feel of pulpiness and comic book stuff that our readers should expect. Warren Zahari did a bang-up job on layout, for both the cover and throughout the magazine.

The main credits page. Look, mom, I’m an editor!

The story we chose to kick off THE UNINVITED was Hypergraphia by Ken Lillie-Paetz. The art there is by the wonderfully talented Fiona Staples. Hypergraphia was the perfect choice to lead everything because it’s very “meta”, as the kids today say.  I don’t want to give anything away about it other than that writers will especially enjoy the hell out of it. It’s also goddamned creepy and awesome in the way that it’s written. Excellent work, Ken. You can be let out of the room for an hour a week now.

Okay, okay, fine… above is a taste of Hypergraphia.

Ah, my comic: The Devil Eggs: Except Reality. I was asked to come up with a Weird War property for Rock Bay Media (who publishes THE UNINVITED), and this is what I concocted. I won’t lie… initially there were tons of problems for reasons I cannot get into because it would be professionally lame to, but the good thing is once the artist and I started talking to each other we were all long-distance high-fiving  and fixing (or trying with the fixing) some of the problems that had cropped up (none of which were our faults, mind). Nunan is a great guy and was a real treat to work with. There was a bit of a language barrier, but we managed pretty well (considering my overly-complex script). The only hang-up after the fact was getting a couple more pieces of short work done, which we did with Myke Allen. Myke’s a local artist who happens to be American just like me, and we met and hit it off a few months back. The front and back “covers” of this Devil Eggs installment are done by him… and we’ll see Myke again for the second fist-punching, face-shooting Devil Eggs madness, Damonzeit, in THE UNINVITED #2.

Warren Zahari did a nice job with the lettering, too. All in all, Nunan, Myke and Warren worked very hard to bring my vision to fruition. And Warren? Thanks for the lovely swastika, man.

Just thought I’d add the back cover for The Devil Eggs: Except Reality. As usual, my only worry with this short of mine is that I really needed five more pages. Just… five… more… pages… Interesting tidbit: I was the model for Myke in the above panel. He also worked to keep his art consistent with Nunan’s, which I think turned out well. If you love World War II and monsters and horror and grim shit, you may like The Devil Eggs.

The Most Beautiful Girl, by writer Mark MacKenzie, is the longest prose piece in THE UNINVITED #1. It’s about a guy chasing after a gorgeous-yet-mysterious woman. Naturally, horrific hijinx ensue. Editing-wise, Mark was fantastic to work with. He takes edits and suggestion well, and is actually enthused about the editorial process. To me, those are high marks for, uh, Mark. As for the art, Ann Koi knocks it out of the park. She read the story and came up with the above piece. It sufficiently seductive and, well, sufficiently nightmarish.

And up there is a page from The Most Beautiful Girl. Props to Warren again on the layout.

Alex Diochan did everything for Depths. Story, art, and lettering. It’s a fun little tale with incredible layout and art. The only thing Alex didn’t do was the editing, and I’m happy he didn’t end up stabbing me.

I chose the above page because I truly love how Alex manages to compress all those panels onto one page without losing focus or story in the process. It’s very old school, but in that amazing old school way. I won’t dick around with you either: The fact Alex’s art here has a Guy Davis and/or Mike Mignola vibe to it was a major selling point for me. It also strikes me as very European, which doesn’t hurt, either.

The enigma-enshrouded Adam Donahue contributed a very short story to THE UNINVITED #1, and while it’s short, I found it intriguing as well as thought-provoking. I’ve decided to only add the cover to this story, though, as the whole story needs to be read at once. Big high-fives to Warren on that cover, too.

And there’s the last page of the magazine for you. You will notice the promo art for #2 that Dusty Peterson was working on. Well, the final image is all done and when you see it, you may shit yourself as I did.

Just so you know: All of our contributors are paid for their hard work. So, yeah, buying this digi-rag of horror goodness helps to support us paying more fine and independent creators.

There you have it. A preview of sorts concerning THE UNINVITED MAGAZINE #1. I hope you buy it and enjoy it verily. If you do end up getting it, be sure to contact us to let us know what you though, for bad or good. We love all kinds of feedback, as it helps us with the creation and editing process.

For links to everyone mentioned in this post, GO HERE.

For more information on THE UNINVITED, GO HERE.

To get your filthy, filthy eye-hands on THE UNINVITED MAGAZINE #1 for the low Launch Price of $2.99, GO HERE DAMMIT.

Oh, and join THE UNINVITED on Facebook HERE.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you on the other side… where the tentacle-hounds are.


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