Hey there…

Look at this. I’m doing a blog. It’s been awhile since I posted anything in blog form outside of blatantly shilling something I’m working on, or for some company I’m working for or whatever… so here I am.

What is Depressalin, exactly? Well, it’s the book I’m working on about my tragically funny life. It’s been a work in progress for a long time now, since the end of 2009 when my marriage ended rather abruptly. I’ve groveled and pleaded with the writing gods to give me some kind of material to play with– something that meant something, you know? And my prayers were answered in the form of probably the most devastating, self-destroying event my life had ever encountered. Naturally, writing about such things takes time and as said time passes, new things always pop up. And I write them down.

So, what to do? Initially, I thought I would release bits of this so-called book in blog format for people to read and enjoy or, more probably, wonder why this Steve-guy is writing shit that they can only describe as “it’s better than doing shit at work, so I might as well read it, right?”.  Anyway, it occurred to me recently (five minutes ago) that I should do that AND just blog about… stuff.

Maybe you’ll like it. I suppose I can be entertaining from time to time. I suppose you have nothing better to do at work. Or at the donkey show. Or whatever.

Buckle up and settle in. I’m gonna tell you things.


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